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Dec 9, 2012 5:00am PST
heisman. >> and bowl season kicks off next week. regular season wrapped up yesterday. the army-navy game works of the fiercest rivalries in football. this is a love hate rivalry. both love when they defend our country but not in the game. 12-7, mid-ship men. the army, 11-yard run ties the game at 7. under five minutes to go. army up three. navy quarterback scoots to the corner. reynolds threw for 140 yards, ran for 30, 17-1, navy. army driving. 13-yard line, mints and the fumble from the quarterback." mid-ship men recover, crushing army. they have lost 11 straight to navy, 17-13 the final. navy will face arizona state in san francisco on december 27ing. all right, warriors currently on a seven-game road trip and with last night's win in washington they have won their first three away from home on the trip. david lee to steph curry. a courtside sprint but it didn't slow him down. he drains the three. curry 22 points. scary moment in the fourth. curry gets his left knee knocked. he would come uplifting but breathe easy, warror fans, he came back later in the game. but golden state had a st
Dec 30, 2012 5:00am PST
navy in the craft hunger bowl. go out to at&t park which was converted to football. in memory of his great brother he had a great game running for 159 yards and two touchdowns. sun devils led after the first quarter. and kelly threw four touchdowns, three to ross. the sun devils sink navy 62-28. they finish 8-5. and later today the 49ers host arizona while the raiders close out their season at san diego. of course, i'll have all the highlights for you tonight at five. for sports on this sunday morning, i'm rick kwan. i'll see you later today. >>> coming up next, the family in mourning after a father and son are killed fishing in the bay. and the end of the free ride for sunday drivers in san francisco. a new policy for parking meters that many f >> breaking news. san jose fire officials are beginning what one says will be a long investigation into a fatal fire that began late last night. three people, including a baby, died when flames swept through an apartment building. abc7 news reporter kera klapper joins us live from the scene. good morning. >> good morning. as you mentioned, th
Dec 29, 2012 5:00am PST
. >> the ballpark is all decked-out for the game this afternoon against the u.s. navy he will academy and state. everyone's spirits are high and the game is bringing a boost for the local economy. ♪ >> in the spirit of match-up between the u.s. naval academy and the arizona state sun devils, friends and family from across the country are here. >> where are you from? >> annapolis, maryland. >> arizona. >> they are here to support their daughter, who is part of the arizona sun devil's spirit corps. >> when i was last here i was her age. >> she's a proud both of one of the frontline players on the naval academy team. this five day trip is a special treat for the whole family. >> we told the girls if he made the goal game, that's their christmas present. we did alcatraz yesterday. it was cool. >> we have two teams that are really excited to be here and their fans are excited to be here. i think we are filling up all the hotels in san francisco. >> 33,000 tickets have already been sold for the match-up. the capacity of 30,000 is not yet met. organizers estimate this will be another banne
Dec 28, 2012 5:00am PST
holiday meals to the needy, navy st. anthony's on christmas day. some will help at the san francisco food bank later today. >>> san jose state has capped off what has been the best season in school history. [ inaudible ]9w >>> just ahead, we continue to follow breaking news. innocent bystander killed following a chp chase. live report from the scene. >>> bay area student suspended over a poem, the words that got her kicked out >>> good morning i'm katie marzullo in for kristen sze. >>> and i'm eric thomas on the last friday of 2012. >>> good morning. >>> good morning. live doppler 78) rain off the coast no reports this is making it to the ground very dry in the lower layers we have another system come from the northwest. doppler tracking that one as it rolls in and once we start ground, a little frost especially inland reporting stations mid to upper 30s, dress warmer this morning. upper 30s along the peninsula into san jose 39, right now oakland 42, 44 san francisco. today increasing cloudsá)bi, chance of sprinkles by noon, chaps of light rain during the afternoon closer to the --
Dec 26, 2012 5:00am PST
morning. the doors are open this old navy opened at 5:00 this morning. no one is here. good news if you are looking for a deal this morning, you can get one without the crowds. maybe everyone is tired of the strength to go shopping one more it would be worth i, the deals are huge, 75% of the -- worth it, the deals are huge, 75% off. the biggest discounts winter clothing, also on electronics. here are deals that are noteworthy, on amazon, 46 inch tv slashed 55%, to $338. at best buy, digital camera for 50% off, only $129, bloomingdale's cashmere sweater only $89. retailers are desperate to get rid of extra merchandise and they have some sales were not as good as they were hoping this is their last-ditch attempt to make some money before the holidays come to an end. amy hollyfield, abc7 news. >>> it is 5:34. in sonoma county, high water has the intersection of two state highways shutdown, 12 and 121 in shellville remains closed after it flooded last night. low-lying area between sonoma and pablo bay floods frequently. they hope the water will recede enough to hope later today. >>> in east
Dec 8, 2012 5:00am PST
-degrees spike in temperatures as the morning continues. lisa argen, of course, will have your full forecast coming up. >>> this morning a marine and a young navy veteran are enjoying some generous gifts. businesses in san francisco worked together to be able to offer the tokens of appreciation. tokens with four tires and an engine. [engine revving] >> petty officer jordan revs the engine of his car. he couldn't feel his foot on the pedal because his right side of his body is paralyzed. >> i was only in afghanistan about eight days before i was injured. i got ak-47 shots through my helmet and hit me in the head. >> it's been a long, hard year but jordan is fighting hard for his recovery, and he got a gift that will help. a refurbished car through recycled rides. >> the car i have now is a jeep and it's a stick shift so because i can't shift with my right-hand. >> when the auto bodyshop decided to join forces, others were eager to help. pro jess i have insurance and e-surance donated the cars and they fixed them up. >> the owner of the company, my father, his car, it's a cause near a
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6